ECE 153a/253 Assignments

Reading assignments, just like homework assignments, can be updated but are mostly stable. It is a good idea to read through the assignments before the class lectures.

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Embedded Systems Overview (Week 1 Assignment)

[Tennenhouse00] Tennenhouse, D. Proactive computing. Communications of the ACM, vol.43, (no.5), ACM, May 2000. p.43-50.
[Lee02] Edward A. Lee, Embedded Software, to appear in Advances in Computers (M. Zelkowitz, editor), Vol. 56, Academic Press, London, 2002.
[mb_ref_guide.pdf] Xilinx MicroBlaze Reference Guide (v 14.3) (Here, focus on the ISA overview, Interrupt behavior, and Stack Conventions)

Models of Computation (Week 2 Assignment)

[edk_ctt.pdf] Xilinx EDK Concepts, Tools and Techniques (v 14.3) Overview of EDK concepts.
[est_rm.pdf] Xilinx Embedded System Reference Manual (v 14.3) Much of it is valuable, focus on GCC conventions for interrupt and volatility handling this week.
[Lavagno98] L. Lavagno, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and E. Sentovich, Models of Computation for Embedded System Design, 1998 NATO ASI Proceedings on System Synthesis, Il Ciocco (Italy) 1998

Finite State Machines (Week 3 Assignment)
[Harel96] Harel, D.; Naamad, A. The STATEMATE semantics of statecharts. ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, vol.5, (no.4), ACM, Oct. 1996. p.293-333.
Reference on FSM
More FSMs (Week 4 Assignment)
[Martin98]Martin, R. C., UML Tutorial: Finite State Machines
[Regular Automata]Tutorial on Regular Automata
[Ikenaga]Equivalence Relations (Bruce Ikenaga; Minersville)

Implementing HFSMs (Week 5 Assignment)
[Seawright94] Seawright, A.; Brewer, F., Clairvoyant: a synthesis system for production-based specification ,Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.2, no.2, pp.172-185, Jun 1994
[Vahid95] Vahid, F., Narayan, S. Gajski, D.,  SpecCharts: A VHDL Front-End for Embedded Systems ,Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.14, no.6, Jun 1995
Slides from QP HSM-- step by step instructions to implement a HFSM in QP...
[ug230.pdf] Spartan 3e Board User Guide v 1.1  -- Useful for lab1b... will definitely be needed later.

Discrete Data Flow, Scheduling (Week 6)
[Hwang91]Hwang, C.-T.; Lee, J.-H.; Hsu, Y.-C., "A formal approach to the scheduling problem in high level synthesis," Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.10, no.4, pp.464-475, Apr 1991
[Haynal98]Haynal, S. and Brewer, F. Efficient encoding for exact symbolic automata-based scheduling. In Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE/ACM ICCAD, pp 477-481, Nov. 1998.
[Landskov80]Landskov, D., Davidson, S. Shriver, B, Mallett P, Local Microcode Compaction TechniquesACM Computing Surveys (CSUR),  Volume 12 ,  Issue 3, pp 261-294, 1980. (Eary reference to list scheduling and dependency analysis).

Synchronous Data Flow (Week 7)
[lee87] Lee, E. A., Messerschmitt, D. G., Synchronous Data Flow, Proceedings of the IEEE, VOl 25, no., 9, Sept 1987.
[lee87a] Lee, E. A., Messerschmitt, D. G., Static Scheduling of Synchronous Data-Flow Programs for Digital Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Computers, v. C-36, no. 1, January, 1987.
[leeparks95] Lee, E.A. Parks, T. M., Dataflow Process Networks, Proceedings of the IEEE, v 83, n. 5, May 1995.

Real-Time Scheduling and Task Management (Week 9)
[laylandliu77]Liu, C. L. and Layland, J. W. 1973. Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard-Real-Time Environment. J. ACM 20, 1 (Jan. 1973), 46-61.
[lehoczky89]J. Lehoczky, L. Sha, Y. Ding, The rate monotonic scheduling algorithm: exact characterization and average case behavior, Proc. Real Time Systems Symposium, pp 166-171, Santa Monica, CA 1989. DOI 10.1109/REAL.1989.63567
[spuri96]M. Spuri, G. Buttazzo, S.S. Anna, Scheduling aperiodic tasks in dynamic priority systems, J. Real-Time Systems, v. 10, pp 179-210, 1996.

Additional Readings