ECE 124d / ECE 256c

Forrest Brewer (729-1410)

TA: Merritt Miller
TA Section:Wed 2-3pm TBA (section attendance is required)

Text: "Digital Systems Engineering", Dally and Poulton (a solid reference, but dated)
Ref1: "High Speed CMOS Design Styles", Bernstein et. al., Kluwer Academic Publishers
Ref2: "Signal and Power Integrity- SIMPLIFIED", Bogatin, Prentice-Hall

Meeting Times: 10-11 MWF Phelps 3515


Note -- on the power lab -- ignore the startup transients -- i.e. wait until the power stabilizes --
up to 1mS before doing the power simulation. On practical systems there is a power-good signal that allows
this behavior.

Notes on Lab Write-ups

Textbook Errata


Lecture Foils:
Note: Lectures will be updated periodically
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Lecture2   PDF
Lecture3   PDF
Lecture4   PDF
Lecture5   PDF
Lecture6   PDF

Transmission Line/ On-chip Noise Notes (lec 1 ref)
Elmore's original paper (lecture 3 ref* interest only)
Elmore delay in a tree (Penfield) (lecture 3 ref)
Bakoglu's Optimal Interconnect (lecture 3 ref)
Power/Ground Issues in Buffers (lecture 3/5 ref)

Intel 45nm Process Overview

CPL_Multiplier (lec 4 ref)
Flip-flop_Optimization (lec 4 ref)
On-Chip Power Distribution (lec 5 ref)
On-Chip Inherent Power Decoupling (lec 5 ref)

Low Inductance Capacitors (lec 5 ref)
Multiple Size Capacitor Decoupling (lec 5 ref)
Intro to Decoupling with Capacitors (lec 5 ref)

Design of Large Processor Clock/Power/System (lec 5/6 ref)
Clock-distribution TM lines (lec 6 ref)

Setup files and instructions Labs are often updated -- Contact me if you wish to start a lab early.
Lab 2

Monte Carlo instructions