Andrew Crews


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B.S. in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology (1992)

M.S. in Computer Engineering from University of California at Santa Barbara (1994)


Sequential Synthesis

Current work includes development of the Production Based Specification (PBS) language as a tool for high level specification and synthesis. New methods for approximate traversals of finite state machines are also in progress, which can be useful for optimization of sequential circuits, including those specified with PBS.

PBS describes the controller logic for sequential machines in terms of Regular Expressions (RE's). Currently, I am working on methods of reducing the size of the RE's generated from PBS code, and the size of the actual circuit diagram constructed from the RE.

Infrastructure Development for use in Sequential Synthesis

I am also working on implementing an inverted-edge bdd package with dynamic reordering. During the debugging of this package, we found that it was useful to have an x-windows routine to display bdd structure to the screen.

Tony Stornetta and I developed an rpn boolean calculator , which makes use of this x-window display routine, and allows you to actually view a Binary Decision Diagram.

See the page on homebrew for more information on the C++ implementation of the bdd package.

C++ programming is great, not like the old days of programming.

UCSB CAD and Test Page | My Research Group

Extra Curricular Activities

In my free time I play Ultimate . During the school year, I play with UCSB's Open Ultimate Team, the Black Tide. During the summer, I play with the Santa Barbara club team, the Condors. Although the membership changes year to year, the Santa Barbara Condors have existed longer than any other ultimate team in the country.

Black Tide 93-94-CLICK to identify somebody-
Taken Sunday, after advancing to the semis of the
Collegiate Ultimate National Championships
That's me with both feet in the air.

When I am not playing ultimate or developing tools for high level synthesis, I watch a lot of tv. Hence, the following links:

UPA Home Page | ESPNet | SciFi Channel | Comedy Central | MTV |

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