Aditya Dalakoti

University of California, Santa Barbara

Aditya joined the group in fall 2014 after completing undergraduate studies at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. He will graduate around 2019 from the Ms/Phd program.


B.Tech. Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar


Aditya is researching on asynchronous serial pulse links. He has participated in the Tape-out of 3 IC's. Sigma Delta Demo (.5um Spring 2015) , Plink (130nm Spring 2016), Edgelink (130nm Fall 2016) and Traveling Pulse Clock (130nm Fall 2016)


A. Dalakoti, C. Segal, M. Miller, F. Brewer, "Asynchronous High Speed Serial Links Analysis using Integrated Charge for Event Detection", GLSVLSI 2016

C. Segal, A Dalakoti, M. Miller, F. Brewer, "Connectivity Effects on Energy and Area for Neuromorphic System with High Speed Asynchronous Pulse Mode Links", SLIP 2016



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