SCMOS Layout Rules - SCNPC with POLY_CAP

The two plates of an SCNPC capacitor are POLY and POLY_CAP1. The POLY_CAP1 must surround the POLY everywhere; the area of the capacitor is the area of the POLY. POLY is physically on top of POLY_CAP1, so that contact to the POLY_CAP1 must be made in the region where it extends beyond the POLY. The capacitor may be in the well or the substrate, but may not straddle a well boundary. The only metal that may cross over a capacitor is the connecting METAL1 wires.
Rule Description Lambda
23.1 Minimum POLY_CAP1 width. This is lithographic; the minimum to build a real capacitor is greater than 12 lambda 8 n/a n/a
23.2 Minimum spacing, POLY_CAP1 to POLY_CAP1 (neighboring capacitor) 4 n/a n/a
23.3 Minimum spacing, POLY_CAP1 to ACTIVE (all capacitors must be over field) 8 n/a n/a
23.4 Minimum overlap, POLY_CAP1 over POLY 3 n/a n/a
23.5 Minimum overlap, POLY_CAP1 over CONTACT 2 n/a n/a
23.6 Minimum overlap, POLY over CONTACT (in a capacitor only; still 1 lambda elsewhere) 2 n/a n/a
23.7 Minimum spacing, POLY to CONTACT-to-POLY_CAP1 2 n/a n/a
23.8 Minimum spacing, unrelated METAL1 to POLY_CAP1 4 n/a n/a
23.9 Minimum spacing, METAL2 to POLY_CAP1 2 n/a n/a