SCMOS Layout Rules - Pbase (Analog Option)

The pbase layer is an active area that is implanted with the pbase implant to form the base of the NPN bipolar transistor. The base contact is enclosed in p-select. The emitter is an n-select region within (and on top of) the base. The entire pbase sits in an n-well that is the collector. The collector contact is a well contact, but the overlaps are larger. Active should not be used inside of pbase.

Rule Description Lambda
16.1 All active contact 2 x 2 n/a n/a
16.2 Minimum emitter select overlap of contact 3 n/a n/a
16.3 Minimum pbase overlap of emitter select 2 n/a n/a
16.4 Minimum spacing between emitter select
and base select
4 n/a n/a
16.5 Minimum pbase overlap of base select  2 n/a n/a
16.6 Minimum base select overlap of contact 2 n/a n/a
16.7 Minimum nwell overlap of pbase 6 n/a n/a
16.8 Minimum spacing between pbase and collector active 4 n/a n/a
16.9 Minimum collector active overlap of contact 2 n/a n/a
16.10 Minimum nwell overlap of collector active 3 n/a n/a
16.11 Minimum select overlap of collector active 2 n/a n/a