Welcome to Webland


Webland is an experiment in Spatial HyperText. Web browsers can rearrange land masses, add trees or roads, etc., or even "claim" a plot of land for themselves. By claiming a plot of land, anybody who clicks on that square will be transported to the web page specified in the claim.

In order to change the map, or claim a plot for yourself, simply click on the desired square, and submit the form for changing land. Changes are handled automatically, and are immediately visible.

Web Land is actually a torus, that revolves and rotates as shown in this MPEG (380K) created by John Bomberger using matlab and a matlab-to-mpeg movie converter.

Clicking on the direction names above the map will allow you to move around the map to the North, South, East or West.

Enter Web Land


Web land is currently a 64 x 64 square 2-Dimensional surface, which wraps around at the each of the four boundaries. It can be pictured as a torus (see the mpeg above).

Comments? send mail to crews@corona.ece.ucsb.edu