Top 10 X-battle Strategies

DISCLAIMER: Hey, I never said they were GOOD strategies!
  1. Once you start attacking one color... NEVER LET UP UNTIL IT IS DESTROYED!!!
  2. If you don't like your starting position, claim that your X-terminal was not ready, and ask everyone to start over.
  3. If you realize that Purple is getting way too large... ignore it. Go after Red instead. After all, Red is almost dead anyway!
  4. If Black usurps one of your bases, respond by counter-attacking Black with a VENGENCE!!! Don't let up until Black is destroyed -- even if Grey is growing beyond control.
  5. If your bases are all gone, and your armies are dwindling, try to gauge the weaker of the remaining enemies, and destroy his bases using stealth... like by parachuting in on him!
  6. Build your armies to an unreasonable size, despite the fact that you know that you will be simultaneously beat upon by all the other players -- so you might as well have something for them to attack.
  7. Generate enemies by gunning their bases so that they stop producing armies.
  8. Establish a peaceful truce with your bordering neighbor... that is, until their base is ready for the taking!
  9. Refuse to quit and acknowledge defeat, even though your remaining armies barely amount to more than enough to move from square to square.
  10. Play the game knowing full well that you will never win. Confound your opponents by playing in a completely illogical manner.